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Lahore based designer Zohra Rahman studied jewellery design at London’s Central St. Martin’s before returning to her hometown for the launch of her eponymous jewellery label in 2014. 

The Zohra Rahman workshop is sustainable and ethical in its ethos. Reinterpreting age-old concepts of apprenticeship, each artisan is individually trained in the intricacies of jewellery making by the designer herself, spreading specialised skills to the local community. 

Every apprentice holds the capacity to become an innovative master. They are taught the traditional silversmithing techniques to create experimental and novel forms of adornment  — from the melting of metal and its manipulation into wires and sheets, to its engraving, soldering, finishing and polishing - each piece is hand-made and produced on site. 

Widely credited as a pioneer of contemporary luxury jewellery in Pakistan, Zohra has been recognised by numerous prestigious publications, including Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Wallpaper Magazine.