Exploring the tension between form and function, memo is a celebration of simplicity and the seeming insignificance of what often passes unnoticed. An expression of purist design, memo transforms an ordinary paperclip into objects of beauty, meant solely for the purpose decoration and adornment. Indulgent, precious, yet mundane and commonplace, the collection dissociates an everyday item from the transcendent ideal of its form. The first look is deceptive; the lines of the clip are abstracted, its function removed. 

Meticulously crafted from solid sterling silver and plated in either gold or rhodium, the paperclip is stretched, bent, pulled and manipulated into a resplendent range of curb chains, earrings and rings. 

Designed and forged entirely by hand at the zohra rahman studio in lahore, memo reminds us that beauty is often obfuscated in the banalities and scattered oddments of everyday life.

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